Shop Shopping……

‘Twas the Sat before Christmas and all through the Town….
“What gifts for the big day” was the sound that abounds.
The malls are too crowded with shoppers shop shopping,
The roads, a big mess…..I’ll not go car hopping!
Just then t an idea came into their heads…
an idea that was brilliant….light years ahead
Caffe Amouri is the place that I’ll go
To get gifts that friends love…will make them aglow
On coffee, on tea on press pots and drippers
Caffe Amouri makes Christmas much richer!

CAFFE AMOURI – Where coffee meets community





 Most coffee in the world comes from smallhoders.  Craftsmen farmers who nurture the soil, their communities and their families with their hands.  They traditionally took their coffee to market on Saturday and sold it to a warehouse where it was blended….Jewels disappeared in the soup.

 Importer Café Imports asked their producer partners to separate small lots so they could cup them.  If they cup well, they will pay premiums to the producers; equivalent to their real worth of time, effort and craft.  Essentially, treating like fine wine or great food.

 While microlots are traceable lots of coffee that have been around for years, ACES are different in that they universally WOW everyone in the cupping lab enough to say “We should ACE that!”  Those coffees that make an impression on you forever; coffees that make you shake your head in disbelief while tasting them and that make people believe in the craft of coffee.

 When coffees come across the cupping table that are stunning, gorgeous and near perfect examples of what the origin and process should taste like, they will be put into this program.  The promise is that no coffee that isn’t the best will ever be ACED.

 The ACE program is put into place to celebrate the farmer, the altitude, the varietal and the sun.  The craft and livelihood of people who live from the commerce of coffee and hopefully make their lives richer by bringing the best coffees on the planet to the people who like to drink them.


From Cold to Costa

It’s been a long time since I’ve travelled internationally and so I forgot how….uh… it could be.

Why Costa Rica?  Why now?  You may ask why….I ask…Why not?  But really, this is an opportunity to go along with my bean broker, Cafe Imports, to visit coffee Fincas, experience cuppings, see the harvesting and processing of the cherries and garner a greater understanding of the bean itself.

This is important as a roaster as a greater understanding of the bean, how it’s been grown and processed, means that I can work on roast profiles that try to bring out the best they have to offer.

Side note – pretty cool watching the Super Bowl in a bar in Costa.  I’ve been to SB parties in Maryland and Va…..but not Costa!

But back to the fun!

Got in and, of course no one there to meet me at the airport.  My cell phone doesn’t work here.  Ahhh..,…now I remember the joys of international travel.  all these cab drivers grabbing for my bag…finally, as I was looking at a pay phone trying to figure out how to use it to call the local contact, one of the drivers came up and dialed the local number for me on his cell (how nice!).  got in touch with Piero, our contact, who told me that I was to take the Best Western shuttle.  O.K..  I don’t think I knew that, but you just roll with it, you know?  That’s what makes it fun!
I Got to the hotel (slash Casino…) and asked the front desk where I could grab a quick bite….let’s see….Denny’s, Subway…ahhh…local fare :)  So I walked down the street to a local grocery store and played “What is that?”  Got what turned out to be potato chips and little chocolate rolled up cookies, some water and a coke :)  Lunch of champions!
Getting ready to go down and meet with the rest of the group.  I’m excited to meet up with all these “coffee folk” and trade stories.
Tomorrow’s agenda has us going to an Experimental Farm and Micro Mill.  Really looking forward to that.
Side note #2 – 49ers are GIVING the game away!



T’was the night before Christmas and we had to decide

What coffee to put out for Santa’s big ride

The cookies are baked, all ready to eat,

But we need a great coffee to be Santa’s treat

For Santa will want treats not just to eat,

but to take along with him to complete his great feat

What we don’t want, no definitely not

Is a coffee that tastes like it’s burned in the pot.

We need a REAL coffee, rich, mellow and hot

Let’s check Santa’s route, and see what we’ve got

Sumatra, perhaps that’s where we should start

The bean is so creamy with nary a tart

It’s earthy and smooth, full bodied and sweet

Yes Sumatra’s a bean that cannot be beat

We look at the globe we study it keen

Oh where else to look for our special bean?

Guatemala with soil so ashen and nice?

They do send us beans with chocolate and spice

Cinnamon and fruit, they all do comply

In a flavor so rich….it’s hard to deny.

But the hours goes by, last presents need wrapping

What coffee to serve  before I go napping ?

Brazil, when it’s natural and laid out in the sun

with rich dry fruit flavor that’s second to none?

So nutty and soft and bitterly sweet?

A cup of Brazil?  A true Santa treat!

Ethiopia, the place where the first bean was first found?

With Harrar and Yergacheffe (aren’t those pirate sounds?)

One has rich chocolate, blueberry and spice

The other is citrusy, sunny and bright

it’s a coffee that Santa could take on his sleigh

and with a wink and a nod….be on his way

Perhaps a nice blend would be Santa’s choice

Combining great flavors into one voice

 ‘Nic’s Sugar and Spice’ just might be the one

With Guat and Harrar lightly tickling his tongue

Whatever we choose, we know Santa will love

The coffee he’ll sip as he soars way above.

And as we approach the end of our story

Peace and Love to you all

From Caffe Amouri

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